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Life Insurance

Planning your family’s financial future is crucial and it is very sensible to take all the steps possible to protect their standard of living.

Life Insurance, is an insurance policy designed to pay out a lump sum, or income in the event of the policy holder’s death, providing financial security for your chosen beneficiaries.

There are numerous circumstances that prompt people to take out Life Insurance policies, such as:

Getting married

Losing a partner is devastating enough, but having financial worries on top of that, can cause real stress and trauma. A life insurance policy will help protect a partner from financial hardship, should one of you die.

Buying a house

Many people take out life insurance policies when they are buying a new home. This will help loved ones meet any financial commitments should you die before the mortgage is repaid.

Having children

Life insurance can help protect your child/children from financial hardship and provide them with peace of mind should you die.

Critical Illness Cover

Have you ever considered how you and your family would cope financially, if you suffer a serious or critical illness such as cancer, a stroke or heart attack.

Having Critical Illness Cover will help ease the financial burden for you and your family, during such a traumatic time and provide you with a cash sum, if you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness during the cover term.

Miss Moneypenny Mortgages can also advise on products, that automatically includes Critical Illness Cover for your children at no extra cost.

Income Protection

Income protection, provides a regular income should you be off work due to illness or an accident, enabling you and your family, the ability to continue to cover financial commitments, such as mortgage repayments, household bills, food, etc.

Miss Moneypenny Mortgages can help protect you and your family from these unexpected circumstances.

Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit insurance pays out a fixed, regular amount of money to your loved ones, should you die. Helping them to cover essential costs like household bills, as well as maintain a decent standard of living.

Business Protection

Many employees value benefits as part of their salary package, that will protect them and their loved ones.

There are numerous protection policies an employer can provide, such as health cover, life cover, income protection and critical illness cover.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance, provides peace of mind for you and your family, allowing you to receive a speedy diagnosis and high quality treatment, when and where you need it, without being on a long waiting list.

Home Insurance

Your home is likely to be your most valuable asset and it is essential to protect it against damage and theft.

Home Insurance, provides you with peace of mind, by protecting your home, the contents and your personal possessions from damage, or loss whilst also protecting your legal liabilities as a property owner.

Landlord Insurance

If you let your property out to paying tenants, you will need a dedicated landlord insurance policy, to protect your property and cover should anything go wrong.

Having the right insurance policy is essential and cover can include, building cover, liability insurance and legal expenses, as well as loss of rent.

Unemployment Cover

Unemployment Cover, is a type of income protection and is designed to pay you a benefit if you are made redundant, to help cover costs such as your mortgage.

Losing your job is stressful enough, so help protect you and your family with this protection policy.

Contact us to see how we can help support and guide you, through this complex process and provide you with a solution that suits you and your lifestyle.